Friday, March 18, 2011

I love her!

Hi readers!

So today, when i'm listening to her songs (Jodi King) I thought of posting how I love her songs! She's Jodi King Singer/Songwriter, as you may see she's in the playlist of my "MixPod" Hehee. I saw her in a concert I thought she's just a normal girl singing boring songs, but when I heard her voice, I was like "Gosh, she's so awesome!" She really is! I'm getting tired of hearing Taylor Swift songs, well not that much.. Haha. So when I got home, I searched her name in Google heard her songs and looked at her pictures.. I really love her! I kept listening to her songs everyday. Haha! You have to listen to her songs! She's so awesome, visit her official site I love her song "Happy" & "I Live For You"


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