Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My "Spring" Outfit. :)

Hi readers,

Happy spring everyone! Well, we don't really have spring here in my country.. But summer is coming! Yay! Sadly, I will not have a vacation this year. I'm not that sure, cause I didn't finished my school last year and i'm late. So I have to do school this summer. :| Anyways, do you like my "spring" outfit? I hope that I will be the best outfit at the SA party by lovegossip4life. :)

I hope that everyone will have a happy spring.


Friday, March 18, 2011

I love her!

Hi readers!

So today, when i'm listening to her songs (Jodi King) I thought of posting how I love her songs! She's Jodi King Singer/Songwriter, as you may see she's in the playlist of my "MixPod" Hehee. I saw her in a concert I thought she's just a normal girl singing boring songs, but when I heard her voice, I was like "Gosh, she's so awesome!" She really is! I'm getting tired of hearing Taylor Swift songs, well not that much.. Haha. So when I got home, I searched her name in Google heard her songs and looked at her pictures.. I really love her! I kept listening to her songs everyday. Haha! You have to listen to her songs! She's so awesome, visit her official site jodiking.com I love her song "Happy" & "I Live For You"


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Welcome to my first ever blog about ME.

At last, i've been wondering of making my own blog, i made it! It's called "Mannareya" cause it's about me, myself and I. I'll post what's happening in my life, tutorials, about my friends, etc. I made this blog simple cause i'm tired of making it GORGEOUS or AWESOME. I'm a owner of a blog about free stuff and comps, which i'm about to delete that blog cause i'm not that active in free stuff anymore. Why? I heard that using a proxy can hack your account, so I made this blog about me! No FREE STUFF! :D I hope that this blog will work well and will have many followers!

Thanks for reading.