Thursday, April 7, 2011

Haha. When I watched the movie, i'm officially a Bielieber. <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ugh, Stardoll

Hi Readers!

Reya here, today I found out that my account has 100sd at stardoll! I was shocked, literally. ;) The first thing that popped in my mind today i'm going shopping (yeah, baby) HAHA. I bought some hotbuys because they're expensive and I can only buy them if I have alot of money. I wished for those clothes and now I have them! :) But then I realized the clothes is really not that important no matter how expensive they are there just clothes in the internet... So yeah, i'm wasting my time on Stardoll. Some of my friends are leaving because of school, family stuff. Actually, they spend there time on stardoll than homework, stuff like that.. Stardoll is really addicting! I go on stardoll almost everyday and i'm suppost to sleep early but I go on stardoll until 12 midnight. -_- Stardoll ruined my time. I should be spending my time in school and with my family. So all of you there log on to stardoll at least 1 hour a day like my friend Lindsey (LoveGossip4life) did. Don't waste your time in a addicting site.