Saturday, July 9, 2011

I. Am. Back. For. Real.

Oh my gosh, I know I said this several times!

I'M BACK. This time, for real.
I'm so sorry for not writing stuff here, I was so busy. So busy like you can't imagine. :|
So yeah i'm back now and going to post photos about what's going on maybe i'm gonna post tips and advices too? :O You never know..
Also the blog will have a makeover, not a big one. Just going to change a little. ;) It's great be back in the blogging world! lol.
Bye sweeties!


Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hi! I'm back, a big sorry for not posting stuff here anymore i've been busy nowadays. I've been sick of.......


No, i'm just kidding, maybe a little bit? :)))) HAHA. Okay so, I've been busy of soccer, school, and other stuff.. I miss writing here. :) I love my followers, thank you for following!! -RANDOM.
Justin Bieber just tweeted his cover of Come Home To Me by Ernie Hatler. His voice is different but I still love it. :D Here's the link:

I WAS LIKE OHMYGOSHHH. :""> HAHA. I'm hyper today.
To all haters, watch his movie and your mind will be blown away. Literally. /:)



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Haha. When I watched the movie, i'm officially a Bielieber. <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ugh, Stardoll

Hi Readers!

Reya here, today I found out that my account has 100sd at stardoll! I was shocked, literally. ;) The first thing that popped in my mind today i'm going shopping (yeah, baby) HAHA. I bought some hotbuys because they're expensive and I can only buy them if I have alot of money. I wished for those clothes and now I have them! :) But then I realized the clothes is really not that important no matter how expensive they are there just clothes in the internet... So yeah, i'm wasting my time on Stardoll. Some of my friends are leaving because of school, family stuff. Actually, they spend there time on stardoll than homework, stuff like that.. Stardoll is really addicting! I go on stardoll almost everyday and i'm suppost to sleep early but I go on stardoll until 12 midnight. -_- Stardoll ruined my time. I should be spending my time in school and with my family. So all of you there log on to stardoll at least 1 hour a day like my friend Lindsey (LoveGossip4life) did. Don't waste your time in a addicting site.



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My "Spring" Outfit. :)

Hi readers,

Happy spring everyone! Well, we don't really have spring here in my country.. But summer is coming! Yay! Sadly, I will not have a vacation this year. I'm not that sure, cause I didn't finished my school last year and i'm late. So I have to do school this summer. :| Anyways, do you like my "spring" outfit? I hope that I will be the best outfit at the SA party by lovegossip4life. :)

I hope that everyone will have a happy spring.


Friday, March 18, 2011

I love her!

Hi readers!

So today, when i'm listening to her songs (Jodi King) I thought of posting how I love her songs! She's Jodi King Singer/Songwriter, as you may see she's in the playlist of my "MixPod" Hehee. I saw her in a concert I thought she's just a normal girl singing boring songs, but when I heard her voice, I was like "Gosh, she's so awesome!" She really is! I'm getting tired of hearing Taylor Swift songs, well not that much.. Haha. So when I got home, I searched her name in Google heard her songs and looked at her pictures.. I really love her! I kept listening to her songs everyday. Haha! You have to listen to her songs! She's so awesome, visit her official site I love her song "Happy" & "I Live For You"


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Welcome to my first ever blog about ME.

At last, i've been wondering of making my own blog, i made it! It's called "Mannareya" cause it's about me, myself and I. I'll post what's happening in my life, tutorials, about my friends, etc. I made this blog simple cause i'm tired of making it GORGEOUS or AWESOME. I'm a owner of a blog about free stuff and comps, which i'm about to delete that blog cause i'm not that active in free stuff anymore. Why? I heard that using a proxy can hack your account, so I made this blog about me! No FREE STUFF! :D I hope that this blog will work well and will have many followers!

Thanks for reading.